Estimate Document - Add a Signature Line

Some Marketplace documents contain a section for a signature line. To allow clients to sign the Estimate online, you must replace it with the signature line merge tag. If you're building an Estimate Document from scratch, you'll need to add a signature line using the same steps.

To add a Signature Line to your Estimate Document, follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the existing signature line, then click Merge tags.


  2. Select Signature Line.


  3. The merge tag replaces the line in the text box.

Note: Electronic signatures require the setting “Allow Signature Capture on View My Proposal" under Settings > Estimate Settings.

Quick Tip: Inserting Merge Tags

A shortcut to using merge tags is to type the "@" symbol anywhere you want to place a merge tag in the document.

  1. For the signature line, type “@sig”. The system locates the merge tag for the Signature Line.

  2. Click Signature Line to insert the merge tag.
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