Estimate Document - Add a Signature Line

Some documents from the Marketplace contain a place for a signature line. To allow the client to sign online, you need to replace it with the signature line merge tag.
You can also add a signature line to a custom Estimate Document using the same steps.

From the Document Editor of your Estimate Document:

  1. Highlight the existing signature line, then click Merge tags.


  2. Select “Signature Line.”


  3. The merge tag replaces the line in the text box.


Note: Electronic signatures require the setting “Allow Signature Capture on View My Proposal" under Settings > Estimate Settings.

Quick Tip: Inserting Merge Tags

A shortcut to using merge tags is to type the "@" symbol anywhere you want it to go in the body of a document.

  1. For the signature line, type “@sig” and the system finds the merge tag for Signature Line.

  2. Click “Signature Line” and the merge tag is inserted.
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