V3 Account Review Overlay - Overview

There are many different fields and components to an Account. This overview will briefly touch on each of them. When you click on the name of an Account, you will see an overlay that looks something like this:


The Actions list is on the left and an overview of the Account is on the right. As with other screens, any text in blue is clickable. There are four buttons immediately available to you on the left. Edit will open the Edit Account overlay so you can make changes to an Account. Use the Schedule Job button to open the Add Job wizard and schedule a One-Time or recurring Job or Package. Note: You cannot schedule Snow Jobs from this wizard, that is under Advanced Actions. Click Add Transaction to add a new Invoice, Payment, or Credit to the Account. Clicking Add Ticket to add a new Ticket to the Account.

Click Advanced Actions to see more actions you can take such as adding an Estimate, Snow Job or Installment Plan. You can also fill out a Form, view or add Notes or Attachments. Use Account Statement to open and send an Account Statement from a new tab. Email will open an email overlay to send an email to the Account. To inactivate an Account, click Cancel Account. Lastly, use the Delete button to attempt to delete the Account. 

Below the Advanced Actions is the Audit Trail. Click View All if you need to see a history of the Invoice including the users who made changes. 

The right side of the overlay will default to the Account Details tab where you can see the most frequently used information about an Account at a glance. At the top you will see the Account Name and Property address. Click the blue house icon to go to the Review Property overlay:


 Click the arrow under Account Balance to see the Uninvoiced amount as well as other amounts that contribute to the Account Balance:


 Next, you will see the Contact Info for the primary contact on the Account. To the right of that will be the Tickets panel where you can see Tickets in a single location rather than by filtering the Activity Stream.

The Jobs section will show you all active and inactive scheduled Services on the account. Any Account Notes will be seen in the Account Note panel. If the text in the Account Note field is lengthy, click the bracket icon to expand the Note. The Account Overview section will show you the StatusAccount #Type, and Account Since date. 

The Activity Feed is located on the lower right of the Review Account overlay:


This feed will show you all of the recent activity on the Account. By default, you will see all activity. Click the arrow next to All history to view filters for the feed. You can also view Activity by category. Past Visits will show you Jobs that have already been completed and Future Visits will show upcoming Visits. Future Events will display upcoming Calendar Events. Transactions is a list of Invoices, Payments, Credits, and any other accounting transactions. You can find any contact with the Account on the Tickets tab including Notes, Calls, and To Dos. The last tab is Estimates where you can see a list of all Estimates on the Account. 

Use the search bar under the tab selection to find a specific record such as a Visit date or an Invoice number. By default, the results will be sorted with the newest records first. You can reverse the sort order by clicking the Sort link.

Under the Account Overview section you will find Billing Info. Click View More to see any fields other than the Billing Address. The last field on the "Account Details" tab will be the list of Installment Plans on the Account. 

To see additional fields such as Custom Fields, click the "Other" tab at the top of the overlay:


On this tab, you will see additional information about the Account:


On this tab, you will see the Tags applied to the Account, any Related Accounts, Custom Field values applied to the Account, the Account's Invoice Preferences, Marketing Preferences, and Automations. To close the overlay, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the overlay. 

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