Bulk Clock In on the Legacy App

You can use the bulk clock-in feature to combine the clock-in process for multiple workers or multiple visits:

  • Clock in a Team to a single visit
  • Clock in an individual Resource to multiple visits
  • Clock in a Team to multiple visits

For example, you might want to do a bulk clock-in for a single Team servicing several properties that are near each other.

How hours are calculated

The bulk clock-in feature calculates visit times depending on how the visit was scheduled:

  • If the job contains budgeted hours, the system divides the total work time among the multiple visits or properties you serviced, based on the percentage of total budgeted hours for each visit.
  • If the job does not use budgeted hours, the time is divided evenly among the visits.
Note: We don’t recommend clocking into all your visits for the whole day. This may cause problems with job costing in the future because there will not be an accurate record of times for individual visits.

Bulk Clock-In on the Legacy App

To do a bulk clock-in, follow these steps:

  1. On the My Schedule screen, tap the avatar for each team member to clock them in.
  2. In the list of visits, tap each job you want to include in the bulk clock-in.
  3. Tap Start. The hammer icon on the right of the clients’ names shows the visits are started.
  4. When all visits are complete, tap Stop on the My Schedule screen.
  5. At the confirmation message, tap Yes.
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