Eliminating Quickbooks When Using Service Autopilot

It is possible to eliminate the need for QuickBooks when using Service Autopilot. This is ultimately a decision that you need to make for your own business after consulting your bookkeeper or accountant. You are also welcome to consult with our QuickBooks Sync Support Specialists to help determine what decision is right for your company. Although Service Autopilot does not currently address the needs for a full functioning accounting system, here are some things you can do:

  1. Replace QuickBooks' payroll system with a third party payroll service such as ADP or Paychex Payroll services. Shortly, Service Autopilot has employee time tracking with the ability to export time card information for use by payroll services.

  2. Log all expenses for tracking in Service Autopilot.

  3. Log all payments for tracking in Service Autopilot. 

  4. Service Autopilot does not provide a check register or bank account reconciliation feature.  You could use online bill pay through your bank, compare the two, then export payments and expenses from Service Autopilot to an Excel spreadsheet. You would then take those spreadsheets and compare them to your bank account check register.  You can use the Service Autopilot spreadsheets as a check list when verifying that the Expenses and Payments match the bank check register's checks/debits and deposits.  If you use a company credit card(s), you can use the credit card statement(s) to compare to and verify with the Service Autopilot expense spreadsheet.

  5. For Check Deposits:  many banks offer an in-app check reader which can be used at your home or office. You can scan checks and have them deposited through this method.  You would add payment records in Service Autopilot for each of the checks you deposit into the bank.

  6. Make use of credit card processing in Service Autopilot. This would record payment records and the credit card company will deposit money into your account. We recommend Clearent. They offer the industry's fastest turnaround on depositing credit card transactions and offer great reporting for these transactions.

  7. Use Service Autopilot for Profit & Loss Reports and collections reports.

Currently we do not have the following capability in Service Autopilot:

  • Checking
  • Check Printing
  • Payroll - tracking portion for withholding and pay
  • Balance Sheet Information - Service Autopilot doesn't track asset accounts.

Although, the above suggestions are not a perfect solution, these methods are alternatives when operating without a separate accounting system.

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