Track Non-Billable Time on the Legacy App

Service Autopilot allows you to track Non-Billable Time for your Resources. This is time for which you may be paying your Resources but it won't be associated with a particular Job.

There are pre-loaded time entries in the system: “Start Break,” “Start Loading,” and “Start Unloading.” You can add your own as well by navigating to Settings > Non-Billable Items.

On the Legacy app, from your My Schedule screen, tap any Team member to pull up the non-billable options. Tapping on Start Break will mark your Employee as On Break. Your personalized Non-Billable items will appear under Start Other:

  1. Tap Start Other.
  2. Choose one of the Non-Billable items from the list.
  3. Tap Save.

This will return you to your My Schedule screen. The Legacy app will take the first letters of each word of your Non-Billable Item's name and place them in the top right of the Employee’s image when an Employee is Clocked Out for that reason. It will also place the full Non-Billable Item's name at the bottom of the image.

Time can be tracked separately on the same Job, so two Team members can be working while one is on break and another is getting materials. When your Team member is done with the Non-Billable task, tap on his or her image again to clock back in.

For tracking purposes, this time goes into each Employee’s Timesheet (Accounting > Timesheets).


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