Set Up Sales Tax Records

Setting up the correct sales tax for the appropriate area can be a confusing and at time daunting task. For this reason, Service Autopilot has a system to help you through it. 

Note that this is not the only step to make sales tax appear on Invoices. For further information on sales tax settings for Invoices, click here

Follow the steps below to create a Sales Tax Reference or Sales Tax Group:


Add Sales Tax

  1. Go to Settings > Sales Tax.
  2. Click Add Sales Tax.
  3. Enter details on the New Sales Tax overlay. 

  4. Click Save and Close.


Add Sales Tax Group

A sales tax group can be used to setup a group of taxes that are applied at once to a client’s invoice, streamlining the invoice rather than showing each tax individually. Customers will see only "sales tax” even though that tax may include several different taxes based on city, county, or even state laws. 

To do this, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Sales Tax
  2. Click Add Sales Tax Group.
  3. Enter details on the New Sales Tax Group overlay. 

  4. Use the check boxes to add taxes that are part of the group.
  5. Click Save and Close.


If you work across state lines, you may need to set up a new Vendor for Sales Tax. To do this, go to Team > Vendors and click Add a Vendor. This will open a dialog to allow you to add a new state sales tax agency.

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