Create or Edit an Automation - Overview

Before you begin creating automations, plan the steps you are considering. Sketch out the automation physically to make sure you are thinking through each step of the process. This will make creating your automation go more smoothly.

Because Automations is such a powerful tool, there is no one way to add a new Automation. It's important to understand the different tools available to you and to have an idea of what you want to accomplish. This article is more of general information as it pertains to editing or creating Automations. 

Naming Convention for Automations

The best practice is to use the format ###- Automation Name. Doing so lets you more easily group your assets, including forms, tags, and automations.

Add or Edit Automations

You can add or edit an automation in one of three ways:

  • Click the Add Automation button at the top right of the Automations list (Marketing > Automations)
  • On the Automations list, click Add Automation from the Actions list
  • On the Automation list, click an existing automation’s Name or Description

This opens the Automation Edit screen.


New Automations Information

When you add a new automation, the Automation Information dialog appears: 


The name and description you enter will appear on the Automations list. If you click “X” or Cancel, you can still create the automation but it will be titled “New Automation” with no description. To edit the name, hover over it, click the link, and the dialog will re-open for you to edit.


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