V3: Add a Rating to a Form

You can use a rating scale in a Form to ask users for feedback about your company with a numeric score. To add a Rating scale to a Form, follow these steps:

  1. In the Form Designer, go to the FIELDS tab.
  2. Under Advanced Fields, click Rating.


  3. Customize the form by changing any of the following:
    1. Add a title in the LABEL field, such as  “How’s our service?”
    2. Update the DESCRIPTION field if needed, such as “0 = Worst, 5 = Best.”
    3. Set the number range for the RATING SCALE by moving the slider.
      The minimum is 0-5 and the maximum is 0-10.
    4. Choose a color.
    5. Under FIELD MAPPING, select an option from the dropdown list.
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