General Fields on the Estimate Overlay

When you are adding a new Estimate, there are a lot of fields at the top of the overlay to fill before adding any line items:


All bold fields are required.


Defaults to today’s date. Change it if needed.


Already filled in if the estimate is started from an Account screen.

Sales Rep

Select the sales representative from the dropdown list. If you are interested in tracking sales commission, you will need to select an option here.


Select the marketing source such as referral or website.

Est. Document

Select an Estimate Document from the dropdown list. This is the document the potential client will see with a list of services and prices.

Est. Date

Defaults to today’s date. Change, if needed.

Valid Until Date

Defaults to 30 days from today. Change, if needed.

# of installments

Defaults to the number set in the Estimate Settings (Settings > Estimate Settings; SA defaults this number to 12). if you’re doing contract billing or need to be paid in installments, enter that number here. You can use the Installment Amount merge tag within your Estimate Document to display the monthly installment price. The system will divide the total amount of the estimate by the number of installments to display the monthly installment amount.

PO Number

Optionally, enter a Purchase Order number.

Work Order Number

Optionally, enter a number. The system will automatically generate a number once you save.


Defaults to Draft. After you send the estimate, the stage automatically changes to Sent. You can customize stages for your needs.

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