V3 Invoices List Screen - Advanced Actions – Overview

Many different actions can be taken from the Invoice List. Most of these are revealed when you have one or more Invoices selected and you click Advanced Actions:


Mail allows you to have the selected Invoices sent to a service that will print and mail the Invoices for you. This functionality can save you or your office assistant a lot of time and hassle of printing and putting Invoices in envelopes. This service does have an additional cost which varies based on the quantity of stamps you purchase. If you do not have adequate stamps to complete the action, you will be prompted to purchase additional stamps.

If you click Lock you can lock Invoices without taking any additional action such as removing the print or email flags. Clicking this link will open the Lock Invoices dialog. Click OK to lock the Invoice(s).

Click Reminders to reveal additional options:


If an Invoice is flagged for review, Clear review will remove this designation. If the Invoice is flagged to be emailed to the Client, Clear email will remove the flag without sending an email. Clear print will perform a similar action but for Invoices that need to be printed. If the email or print flags are removed the action status of the Invoice will be changed to "Sent".

Export will export the selected Invoices to an Excel file which will be available to download on your My Day page.

Click Merge to merge the selected Invoices. You will be prompted to select which Invoice to merge the Invoices to. It's best to merge Invoices with like items - either all Installment Plan Invoices or all _not_ Installment Plan Invoices. Note: if you sync with QuickBooks Desktop, do NOT merge Invoices. 

Use the Void button to void one or more Invoices. You can also Delete Invoices. Any Invoices that are deleted are not gone permanently, you will just need to set a status filter to see the deleted Invoices. It's best to void Invoices rather than delete them because it keeps line items and associated Payments or Credits intact. This way it's less work if the Invoice ever needs to be restored.

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