V3 Payments Screen - Payment Overlays – Overview

You can view the Review Payment overlay from the Payments Screen by clicking on any of the Payment Dates. 


This overlay is divided into two main parts - the Actions menu on the left and the Payment Details on the right. The Payment Details are read-only. Like other screens in SA, anywhere you see blue text it is a clickable link. Click the icon next to the Account Name to go to the Account:


If the Payment is allocated to any Invoices, click an Invoice number to display the Review Invoice overlay.

On non-credit card Payments, you will see an option for Advanced Actions on the Actions menu. Click this to reveal the option to delete the Payment:


If you would like to see the history of the Payment, click View All under "Audit Trail". The Audit Trail will tell you the history of all actions taken on an item, the user who initiated the action, and the date and time the action was taken.

If you need to modify anything about the Payment, click the Edit button on the left. This will open the Edit Payment overlay:


This overlay is similar to the Add Payment overlay. Once a Payment is initially saved you can't change the Account on the Payment. On credit card Payments, you also cannot change the Payment Amount or Payment Method. When you are finished making changes, be sure to click Save Payment. To exit the overlay, click Cancel or the "X" int he upper right corner of the overlay. 


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