Reschedule a Multi-Day Job

One-Time Multi-Day Jobs

If you need to move a One-Time Multi-Day Job once it’s been scheduled, this can be an inconvenience. Regardless of the Job Status, each job instance would need to be rescheduled. For example, let’s say you had a job scheduled on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday but it now needs to start on Wednesday. Each instance needs to be moved because the job costing allocations are different for each day. Monday’s instance would be moved to Wednesday, Tuesday’s to Thursday, and Wednesday’s to Friday. A scenario like this could become very confusing. If you anticipate this happening frequently, consider using Waiting List jobs rather than One-Time jobs.


Waiting List Multi-Day Jobs

The advantage of using Waiting List jobs for Multi-Day jobs is that they can be sent back to the Waiting List from the Dispatch Board. If you need to re-schedule one of these jobs, you can send the job back to the Waiting List and then reschedule all occurrences with only a few clicks from the Waiting List. This would avoid the confusing shuffling that you can have with One-Time jobs.

If you have a scenario where you don’t know exactly when you’re going to start a job, it’s best to use a Waiting List Job. These might be scenarios where the weather is a factor or you have to wait on equipment or personnel that you normally don’t have on hand. This way, you’d have the added advantage to being able to easily reschedule the job without any other loss of functionality.

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