Overview of Client Accounts

Individual Client Account screens are divided into several sections: Contact Information, Account Balance and related information, Office Notes, Tags, Jobs, a Timeline, and more. Each section organizes related information about a Client/Lead and is positioned for viewing the most important information immediately upon entering the screen.

Client Contact Information


This is where you can see all of the Client's contact and business information at a glance. Click the Edit link next to the Client's name to edit any of this information except the credit card on file.


Contacts and Related Properties 


The Related Properties section lists all properties that are tied to this Client in a Master/Sub relationship. You can add new Related Properties from the Add Property link. For very long lists, you will need to click the All  link to see all related properties. The Contacts section lists all of the additional contacts for a Client. These contacts are typically spouses, children, or even siblings. Additional contacts are for reference only, they cannot be pulled into any documents or notifications.


Account Balance 


This area tells you at a glance how much a Client owes you or the total Credit on the Account. This number will auto-balance the entire transaction history on the Account. You can also see the total Uninvoiced amount, Credit amount, and Prepayment amount. If you click on the Uninvoiced amount, it will take you to a filtered view of the Invoices List that will show you all of the Incomplete Invoices for that Client. 



Tags are labels attached to a Client record that help you organize your Client List. Any Tags that are added to a Client's account will display next to the Add Tag button. Learn more about tags by clicking here.


Office Notes 

Office Notes are a free-form section on the Client page that allows you to jot down information about a Client that you want to be seen at a glance.

Note:This section will only appear if Office Notes have been added to the Client's Account. These Notes are private and cannot be seen by the Client.


Jobs, Accounting, Estimates, and Contracts 


This section displays the latest information for a Client. If any of the information appears in red, action is required. For example, if a Job is pink hover over it. A message will describe the problem. Most likely, the Job’s Schedule or Package is expired.

The Accounting, Open Estimate, and Contracts sections each have a link at the top to view all items. The Jobs section has three options:

  • All Jobs - all Jobs, regardless of status
  • All Upcoming - all jobs that are in a pending or dispatched status
  • All History - all jobs with a status of complete or skipped


Activity Stream 


Note: You must scroll down for the activity section to expand. If your screen resolution does not have a scrolling option, click the Load Activity Stream on the right.

The Activity Stream shows all contact with a Client combined into a single view. The stream can contain Visits, transactions, Estimates, Tickets, Form responses, Milestones, and Automations instances (Pro Plus Members only). The view is sorted in reverse chronological order - the most recent entry is first..

For further explanation about the Activity Stream, click here.


Billing Information


This section allows you to see the Client's Billing Information at a glance. You can update this information by clicking the Edit link at the top of the page next to the Client's name.




Note: Click on the Show Details to view the details section.


This section will display other information found in the Edit Client overlay that is not listed in other areas of the Client Account Screen. Additionally, all Custom Fields will be displayed here regardless of whether they have information entered.




This section will display any Attachments added to a Client Account either from the full site or Mobile App. Here you can add, edit, or remove Attachments. 

For further information about Attachments, click here.

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