V3 Payments Screen - Prepayments

To enter a Payment that will be used to pay for Services that have not yet been completed, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Accounting > Payments.
  2. Click Add Payment.
  3. Click Show Advanced Options.
  4. Under "Prepayment" toggle the switch to "YES". 

  5. Continue filling out the rest of the Add Payment overlay. Click Save when finished.

If you were to leave the Prepayment like this, every Invoice that is generated from this point forward for this Account will be paid by the Prepayment regardless of Service. In many cases, an Account may have several different services scheduled but they are only pre-paying for one thing such as a fertilization Package. 

To designate a Prepayment for specific Services, use the following steps after completing the steps above:

  1. From the Payments Screen, click the Payment Date for the Prepayment you need to modify. This will open the Payment Review Overlay. 
  2. Click Prepayment on the Actions menu at the left.
  3. On the "View Prepayment Services" dialog, select the applicable Services where the Prepayment will be applied. 

  4. Click OK

From this point forward, the Prepayment will be automatically applied only to the designated Services. Updating the Prepayment will not apply retroactively to existing Invoices, only Invoices generated from this point forward.


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