Team App - Complete a Visit and Adjust Visit Times

1. In the Team app, tap Complete Work when the visit is finished.


The Review Job screen appears if you have the “Edit Timesheets” right enabled.


  • If there are Budgeted Hours (B. Hrs) on all tasks, the app automatically divides the time based on the budgeted hours.
  • If there are no Budgeted Hours (B. Hrs), the app automatically assigns equal time to all the services in the job.

2. Adjust the actual times worked on each service as needed.

For overall time on the job: type a different Started at or Time Spent.
For each service on the job: tap the + or - to increase or decrease the time used by five-minute increments.
Alternatively, you can tap the time box for individual services to enter time by the minute.

3. After making your changes, tap Submit Time. Your next job appears.








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