Customize Opt-In/Out Email Event

The opt-in email overlay displays the text of the entire email, which contains a mixture of standardized and customizable areas. A sample email body is shown below, including the sections or paragraphs that you can customize.


The Email will always begin with some version of the client’s name, which you select from three personalization fields.

Click the Select Name button to choose the name.


The email shown above contains standard text for the opening paragraph. You can edit this to your needs, as you would any other email in the system.

If you have any email templates, they will appear on the Documents tab:


You can select from a full range of replacement fields on the Personalization tab. 


The Opt-In Link

Below the opening paragraph, you’ll see some standardized text as the opt-in link. To personalize this, click the Select Opt-in Link button:


This will open a dialog where you can add a new link or select the default option:


If you add a new link, the Add Opt-in Link dialog lets you add a name for the link to distinguish one opt-in link from another:


The “Link Text” field is what clients will see and click in the email. 


Confirmation Page Appearance


The "Confirmation Page Appearance" tab contains some information that you can control and some that is standard. The Opt-In Header field is standard, but you can choose whether your Company Name or Display Name goes into that header and your color scheme.

If you’d like to redirect the page to a specific web page after clients have confirmed their choice, enter the URL in the Opt-in Link field.

To place some of your own text on this page, enter it into the Page Content field. It will appear on the confirmation page below the header.




When a client has opted into emails, you can set or remove a Tag. If you want to add a new tag, you can do so without leaving the automation by clicking the Create Tag button. Click Save to return to the main email document.


Opt-Out Link

At the bottom of the email, after your company contact information, opt-out information for clients is required. You can customize this by clicking the Select Opt-Out Link button:


The layout for opting out of emails is like opting in except that the Confirmation Page is much simpler. It contains only a text area for you to include an opt-out message.

Save your changes, and remember that you can also save the Opt-In Email as a template.

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