V3 Pause a Job from an Account

You can Pause a Job for an Account if there is a period of time where a recurring Job or Package Job does not need to be completed. This will prevent Visits from appearing on your Dispatch Board.

To Pause a Job for an Account, use the following steps:

  1. Go to CRM > Accounts
  2. Click the name of an Account to open the Review overlay.
  3. In the "Jobs" section, click the Job you would like to pause. 

  4. On the Review Job overlay, click Pause

  5. Enter a Reason for Pausing the Job. 

  6. The Date to Pause Job will default to the current date. Change, if needed. If you know when the Job will be resumed, enter a Date to Resume Job.
  7. Click Pause.

A paused Job will show a yellow banner on the top of the Review Job overlay:


On the Review Account overlay, the Job will show as "Paused" as well:


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