Create a Rate Matrix

Similar to a pricing sheet or scale with different levels of pricing, the Rate Matrix calculates the price of a service based on values in your Custom Fields. When creating an Estimate or Job, the pricing will automatically be added assuming the Custom Field is set up correctly at the Account level.

Rate Matrices are typically used for a Flat Rate service mode. To create a Rate Matrix, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Settings > Services or Settings > Products.
    2. Click the name of the item you want to add a Rate Matrix to or add a new item.
    3. Go to the Rate Matrix tab.


    4. In the Calculation dropdown list, select the calculation for this item. There is help text to help you decide which one you need.
    5. Using the Based on this Custom Field dropdown list, select a Custom Field that’s already set up. The system will use this field to calculate pricing. The Custom Field must be a Number type and designated to Accounts.
    6. Set the minimum price range for this service in the From and To fields. For any range between the From and To fields, your service will be charged at that minimum price.
    7. Click Add Matrix Item to add additional lines to the matrix.
    8. Use the Copy Matrix button to copy information from the first line item down through the rest.
      Note: The Copy Matrix button does not copy all fields.
    9. Ensure all line items of the matrix are filled out including the final row.
    10. Click Save when finished.

In the example below, the range is 0 to 2000 square feet at a rate of $25.00. For every 3000 square feet over 8000, the range goes up at an equal rate of $8.97.
The final row of the matrix allows you to set a rate for every contingency.


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