Automation Sequence Pipeline

The pipeline overlay displays details of the automation you’ve chosen. From the Automation Edit screen, click View Pipeline. This will open the Automation Sequence Pipeline overlay:

You may have only a few clients in an automation, but if you have more, you can use the filters at the top to search by Sales Rep, Client, and the automation status of All, Scheduled, Completed, or Stopped. The default for this overlay is “Scheduled.”

Check the Status of Each Client in an Automation

Each client in an automation is displayed with a color indicating their status in the sequence. Scheduled clients have a blue stripe, Completed clients have a green stripe, and clients whose automations have been Stopped have a pink stripe.

For each client, you’ll see:

  • The client’s full name and as much of the job address as can fit.
  • The most advanced event that has been reached in the sequence, with the status in parentheses.
  • The length of time the client has been in that sequence.

Click a client to get details of that client’s status within the larger scope of the sequence.


If icons are pink it is because those events have been stopped. Completed events appear in green, and scheduled events appear in white. Failed events appear in yellow.


Stop an Automation 

If a client is within an automation and has a status of “Scheduled”, this screen offers additional options for you. Here, you can stop an automation.


Stopping a sequence for a client removes that client from the automation for any scheduled events.

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