Automation Sequence Pipeline and Sequence List Screen

This pipeline overlay displays details of the automation you’ve chosen.
From the Automation Edit screen, click View Pipeline. This will open the Automation Sequence Pipeline overlay:


If clients are not entered in a sequence then it will read "NO CLIENTS."
If clients are entered in a sequence then they'll be listed as the "total items" in a sequence.
Click the "total items" in a sequence to view a list of the clients in that sequence:


This will redirect you to the Automation Sequence List screen for that sequence:


If you have several clients in this sequence, you can click Add Filter to search by Account Name, Account Status, Sales Person, or Sequence Status. 


Check the Status of Each Client in an Automation

The Sequence List screen table will show:

  • The client's Sequence Status.
  • The Account Name.
  • The Account Status, such as client or lead.
  • The number of Days in Sequence.
  • The Automation Name.
  • The Sales Rep on the account.
  • The most advanced Event Type that has been reached in the sequence.

Clients with a Scheduled sequence status appear next to a blue bubble, Completed clients show next to a green bubble, and clients whose automations have been Stopped show next to a grey bubble. Clients who have experienced an Error in the automation are shown next to a yellow bubble. 

Click the Automation Name next to a client on the Sequence List screen to get details of that client’s status within the larger scope of the sequence:


This will open the Automation View screen:


Icons in red are events that have been stopped.
Icons in green are events that have been completed.
Icons in white are scheduled events.
Icons in yellow are events that have failed

Stop an Automation 

If a client has a "Scheduled" status in an automation then the Automation View screen offers an additional option for you.
Here, you can stop an automation.


Stopping an automation for a client removes that client from the automation for scheduled events.

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