Navigate the Dashboard

The Dashboard is a place where you can see visual representations of Report data at a glance. The tabs and panels are customizable so you can see exactly what information you want to see.

To access the SA Dashboard, go to Reports > Report Center > SA Dashboard

Next, once you enter you Dashboard screen you'll be presented with all types of useful features and tracking tools. The image below is an example:


On this screen, you can see different tabs for information about your company, revenue and Clients. You can add additional tabs for any category you would like. You can also re-name the existing tabs or add and remove panels. Many of the panels allow you to click on them for more detailed information.

The SA Dashboard contains the following elements:

  • Dashboard Panel Tabs – navigate through the various tabs to glance at relevant report visuals. In the screenshot above these are the tabs across the tops such as "Company Performance" and "Financials".
  • Tab Settings Icon – this is the cog icon at the top-right of each Dashboard Panel Tab. Choose from different setting options such as changing layout or renaming tab.
  • Visual Settings Icon – this is the cog icon at the top-right of each Dashboard panel. Choose to rename or remove report visual from dashboard panel: 


  • New Tab Action Button – located at the far right of all existing tabs, use this to create a new dashboard panel tab and add content from the Visual Gallery: 





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