Payment Overlay - Pre-Payments

When you add a Payment, you can designate it as a Pre-Payment for services that have not yet been performed. This is useful if, for example, you require Clients to pay for all of their fertilization services in advance. You may want to log pre-payments from the Client's account so you can easily reference any scheduled services they may have. 

To log a pre-payment, use the following steps from the Payment overlay:

  1. Select the checkbox next to Is a pre-payment? it will open the Prepayment Services field.

  2. Click Add to open the Add/Remove Prepaid Services dialog. 

  3. From the Prepayment Services dropdown list, select all possible services that the Payment will be paying for.
  4. When you are finished selecting services, click Save Prepaid Services.

As services are completed and Invoices are generated, the payment will automatically be allocated to any of the selected services. This will update the Invoice balance and the unused amount on the payment.

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