Automations Vocabulary

This is a list of common terms that you will run into when using or creating Automations. Use this article as a glossary. 


An IF event can be edited to have different outcomes based on different conditions, presented as ELSE conditions. We call this branching.


The specific set of circumstances that cause another action to take place: a trigger to perform a task, or a wait period to begin.


An action that takes place only under certain circumstances set up in the sequence rules. Rules trigger events.


This is the timeline or progression chart of the automation, displaying which clients are at which point in the various sequences of an automation.


Rules are a collection of triggers and conditions that begin and end a sequence.


Sequences are series of events that occur based on rules that you create.

Send Mon-Fri Only

Any event where this setting is present, you can elect to only enact the event on weekdays.


A change in the system that sets a rule in motion. This could be a scheduling change – new, canceled, completed visit– or an accounting change – invoice generation, failed credit card charge – or any of several other modifications to a feature in the system.


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