Email and Accept an Estimate from the Estimate Overlay

When you're ready to send an Estimate via email, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Estimate overlay by clicking on the Estimate from the Client or Lead screen, or by clicking the number on the Estimate List.
  2. Change the status of line items from Draft to Quote by clicking on the Status button next to the line item.
  3. Click Save. At this point, you can click the Preview button in the upper right corner of the overlay to see how it will display to the client.


  4. To email the Estimate, click the Email button. This will open an email overlay in case you need to further customize the email. The email body that defaults is the email associated with your Estimate Document.
  5. On the Email dialog, click Send. The Estimate Stage will change to "Sent".

Once the client receives the email, they can click the link to navigate to the View My Proposal webpage. You must have the Estimate Link merge tag in your document for this link to appear in the email.
The View My Proposal webpage lets clients select the services they want to accept. If you’ve included a signature line in your Estimate Document and Settings, the estimate will have a button that allows the client to sign:


After the client signs electronically, the Accept button appears. The client clicks this to finalize their acceptance.

If the client accepts the quote, the Edit Estimate overlay will show as "Closed - Won" for the stage. The accepted line items will change to Won, and the signature information will be in the top right if this feature is used. You'll also find the signed PDF under the Attachments tab on the Estimate overlay.


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