Assets on the Legacy App

The Assets Screen on the Legacy app allows you to view and edit Assets, as well as fill out Forms related to those Assets and attach images. Changes you make on the Legacy app update will update Service Autopilot.


Access the Assets Screen

Tap Menu > Assets. This opens a list of all Assets. Tap on an individual Asset to open its main screen. The amount of information displayed here depends on the User Rights enabled. Purchase information, for instance, will not appear unless the user is allowed to view it.

Tapping anywhere on this screen will open the details of the Asset and allow you to edit fields either by tapping into the white area to directly edit if you have permissions, by or tapping an arrow (“>”) to get a new screen with a list of options.


Forms and Attachments

Fill Forms

From the Main Asset screen, the Forms icon pulls up two options from the bottom of the screen: Fill Out Form and View Responses. Either will take you to a new screen with details. Fill Out Form, for instance, will open a screen with any Forms you have associated with Assets. Select the Form, fill it out, and  save it. Tapping View Responses will then show a list of responses in a new screen.


Attachments work the same way, pulling up three options when you tap the icon and allowing you to go to new screens to view and save new Attachments.

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