Add a Job Note from the Dispatch Board

Service Autopilot allows you to add notes to Jobs in order to provide your Teams with specific information related to those Jobs. For example, maybe a Client wants her gate closed after your staff leaves the property. You can have a note appear for the Teams on the Route Sheets or Service Autopilot Mobile App that says something like, "Close the gate!"

While you can add a Job Note to a Job when you first create it or to a Master Job at any time, you can also view and add Job Notes from the Dispatch Board.

To add a Job Note from the Dispatch Board, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Scheduling > Dispatch Jobs
  2. Locate the Job and click the Note icon at the far right side of the Dispatch Board. This opens a small popup with your various note options.
  3. Click the Edit Job Notes button. 

  4. The Job overlay will open with the Job Notes section blinking. Click the Add Note button. 

  5. Enter your note. The dropdown list at the right of the Note indicates whether this Note will apply to the Master Job, this Job instance only, or the Service.
  6. Click Save.

By default, adding a Note through these steps will update the Master Job. If it is a Recurring Job, the new Note will appear on all occurrences going forward. If you enter a Start Date and End Date this will put a specific date range for the note on the Master Job.

On the Dispatch Board, the Note icon will turn yellow to reflect that there is a Job Note. Click the icon to open the a small popup which now displays the Job Note. You can still add or edit by clicking Edit Job Note.

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