V3: Tags with Forms

An optional step in configuring a Form is setting up how Tags will be used. Tags are additional data points for Accounts and a quick way to organize and group them. You can search for and filter by Accounts with specific Tags on the Accounts Screen, allowing you to do more effective customer service and marketing.

Example: Use Tags for marketing by associating a Tag with all the clients who submitted a specific Form for your seasonal offer. This can help you filter clients into a list for a follow-up email or a promotion.

Don’t have Tags yet?

  1. Go to Settings > CRM > Tags.
  2. In the Actions dropdown list, select Add Tag.
  3. Enter a name in the Add Tag box.
  4. Select a category from the dropdown list or add a new one.
  5. Click Save.

You can also add a new Tag to an Account from the Edit Account overlay.


Set Up Tags for a Form

From the Form Designer, go to the Configure tab and click Tag Settings in the left panel. Select either Tags on Click or Tags on Submit.

Tags on Click

Tags on Click adds a Tag as soon as someone opens a Form that you’ve sent in an email. This is a good way to indicate that a client or lead has seen the Form (much like requesting a receipt for an email) even if they don’t complete the Form and submit a response.

Note: If you add a Tag on Click to a Form that lives on your website, it'll be treated like a Tag on Submit. Tag on Click applies only to Forms sent in an email.


Tags on Submit

Tags on Submit lets you add one or more Tags or remove Tags when a Form is submitted. Matching your Tags on Submit with your Tags on Click will help you gauge how successful the Form has been.

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