Add a Credit Card Payment for Multiple Invoices

One common error you may receive when processing credit card payments is an error that just says "Duplicate". This happens any time it's been about 15 minutes since the same card was last authenticated or charged. The error appears to help prevent multiple rapid charges, a common characteristic of fraudulent card activity. 

This can be problematic when bulk charging Invoices from the Invoice List. The first Invoice on the list will successfully charge but all additional Invoices will be returned with an error. You could keep repeating the steps to bulk charge every 15 minutes or so until all of the Invoices with a "Duplicate" error have processed. However, if you have a Client with several Invoices and you know a single charge would go through successfully for the full amount, you may want to just manually process the Payment instead.

To add a credit card Payment for multiple Invoices at once, use the following steps:

  1. Add a Payment either from the Client Account or the Payments List (Accounting > Payments). 
  2. Enter the total Amount of the Payment. To pay the account in full, type the number from the Account Balance in the Amount field. 

  3. Allocate the Payment as needed.
  4. Click Charge & Close


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