Create an Estimate on the Legacy App

You can create and send Estimates in the field from the Service Autopilot Mobile App. First, you’ll need o turn on User Rightsneeded for estimates. To do this, go to Settings > User Roles & Rights > (Role) > Mobile tab, then select the checkbox for “Enable Estimates” and “View/Edit Client.”

To create an Estimate in the Mobile App, follow these steps:

  1. On the Legacy app menu, go to the Lead/Client list.
  2. Select the Lead or Client you're creating an Estimate for.
  3. Tap View Estimates to view and modify existing estimates.
  4. Click the Add (+) button > Create Estimate to start from scratch. Select Create from Template if you have an Estimate Template already created.
  5. Tap the Add button to add services, products, or packages to the estimate. Items will show in a "Draft" status (D). Tap the "D" to change the status to "Quote" (Q). This must be done before you can email the Estimate.
  6. When you're done, tap Save.

After the Estimate is saved, it can be edited at any time from the Account on the Legacy app.

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