Payments List - Allocate Payments

On the Payments List (Accounting > Payments), any amount that is not allocated to an Invoice will appear in the Unused Amount column:


On a Client Account, any payment with an unallocated amount will appear in red:


In the list of all the Client's transactions, there will be an amount in the "Remaining" column:


Often, these unapplied Payments equate to open Invoices on your Invoices list even though they may technically be "paid". We recommend allocating Payments as they are made so you have accurate numbers on how much money you still need to collect.

To allocate Payments from the Payment overlay, you have a few different options:

  • Click Allocate Payment to automatically allocate as much of the Payment as possible to the oldest open Invoices. 

  • Check the box next to Pay in full to fully pay any individual Invoice. 

  • Enter a custom amount in the Payment field. When you press tab on your keyboard to exit the field, the Balance and Unused Amount fields will update to reflect the allocated amount. 


When a Payment is fully applied or an Invoice is fully paid, it will no longer be highlighted in red on the Client Account:



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