V3: Forms on the Team App

You can use Forms on the Team App in various ways. Some examples include:

  • Have your crew leaders fill out Forms for Jobs or procedures on a daily basis.
  • Create Forms that can be filled out on-site in the event of an accident, damage, or an audit by one of your managers.
  • Have staff fill out Forms for clients when out in the field.


Set Up a Form for use on the Team App

To use a Form on the Team App, the Form will have to be published either to Mobile or to Mobile and Office:


You can access the Form Options in the third step of the Form Designer. Once you have selected where your Form will be published, decide whether the Form will be related to Services or Accounts. By default, the Form will apply to All Services/Accounts and User Roles:


You can update this by clicking Choose.

If the Form is required by users, move the toggle switch to YES under Is this form required to be filled out.


Using Forms on the Team App

For any Forms that are not associated with a Timesheet Action, you can access the Form by tapping Menu and then click Today's Forms:


There, Forms will be sorted into folders based on their association. Tap a folder to open it, then tap Add Form:


This will take you to a list of all available Forms. Simply tap one to fill it out:


Note: If you do not see Forms in the Team App, you may need to update your User Rights to allow it.

Clock In and Out with Forms

Any forms for clocking in and out of jobs or the app will appear once every 12-hour period by default. So if your Team Leader clocks into a Job or clocks in for the day, then leaves and returns several times, there will be no prompts to re-fill the clock-in and clock-out forms.




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