V3: User Rights for Forms

Forms are included with the Service Autopilot Pro and Pro Plus Memberships. For users in your company who will be interacting with Forms, you’ll need to turn on permissions for access as shown below. For more information, see the User Roles and Rights User Guide.


Enable Forms for Office Users

Go to Settings > User Roles & Rights > Select a Role > CRM tab.

For users who need full access to Forms, select all the checkboxes in the "Forms" section of the CRM tab.

View/Submit Forms

Users can navigate to the Forms and Form Responses list, send Forms in emails, and fill out Forms from Service Autopilot. Without this permission, users will not see the “Forms” option under Marketing in the navigation bar.

Edit Forms

Users can access the Forms Designer, create and save Forms, access a previously built Form, and change its fields or functionality. This includes editing, copying, deleting, publishing, and unpublishing a Form;
restoring a deleted Form, and reverting to the Last Published version of a Form.

Delete Responses

Users can remove any Form response that contains information they’d prefer not to keep in SA, such as personal or security information.

User Rights for Service Autopilot V2 Only

The user rights Forms Summary, Get Forms Alerts and View Office-Only Fields are not functional in V3.


Grant Limited Permissions for Forms

Under CRM > Forms, you can set limited permissions by selecting only the View/Submit Forms checkbox:



Enable Forms for Team App Users

For Team App users who will use Forms, set permissions on two tabs under Settings:

  1. Go to Settings > User Roles & Rights.
  2. Click a role.
  3. Go to the Scheduling tab.
  4. In the “Scheduling Access” column, select the check box for View/Edit Asset Forms. 


  5. Go to the Mobile tab.
  6. In the “Mobile App Assets” column, select the check box for View/Submit Forms

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