Work Orders on the Dispatch Board

Work Order is a setting on a job which groups two or more services together on the Dispatch Board. Instead of multiple rows with each service, you'll see one row for the entire job. Any One Time, Recurring, or Waiting List jobs with more than one service can be a Work Order.

Before you can create Work Orders, you will need to enable the function in your Company Settings. You will also need to create a Work Order before it can be seen on the Dispatch Board.

On the Dispatch Board or Waiting List, a Work Order will display as one line item:


The Service will be the first item on the Work Order and the B. Hrs and Amount columns will be cumulative for the entire Work Order. On the far right, there is a small black arrow where the Products icon would be. Click this arrow to display all line items on the Work Order:


Even though the first service line item of the Work Order is blue, it is not clickable. To edit any of the jobs within the Work Order, you will need to expand the Work Order then click on the service you need to modify. Also note that all line items within the Work Order are highlighted in blue so you can spot them easily on the Dispatch Board.

If you change the status of the first Work Order item, it will change the status for all services within the Work Order. However, if you expand the Work Order, you can click on individual status icons to dispatch services separately. 

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