Create Custom Schedule for a Recurring Job

When you create a Recurring Job, one of the Schedule options is to "Create Custom Schedule". The option is exactly as it sounds - you can create a schedule that will only be used for one Job with one Client. A Custom Schedule is useful for when you know in advance that a Client's service dates will be unique.

  1. Navigate to a Client Account.
  2. Click Add > Add a Recurring Job

  3. On the New Recurring Job overlay, select “Create Custom Schedule” from the Schedule list. 

  4. An Edit Schedule overlay appears. Set any parameters you would like for the Custom Schedule. 

  5. Click Show Schedule on Calendar. A calendar overlay appears with selected dates darkened. 

  6. If "AUTO-RENEW" is selected and the displayed dates are correct, click the "X" in the corner of the overlay. You have completed your Custom Schedule.
  7. If you click Modify Schedule, a pop-up appears warning you about what will happen next. 

  8. Click Confirm to take you back to the previous parameter overlay. Change parameters as needed then repeat steps 5-6.
  9. If "MANUALLY" is selected on the calendar overlay, you can now click dates on the calendar to select or de-select as needed. A red message appears alerting you that your schedule will NOT auto-renew. 


Note: You will not see Upcoming Job dates in the Job overlay until the Job has been saved. 

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