V3 Property Measurement

Note: to record Property Measurements you must have the Smart Maps subscription in addition to the Pro or Pro Plus subscription.  

To enter Property Measurements, you must first access the Property Review overlay by clicking the house icon to the right of any Property address:


 The Property Review overlay will look something like this:


 To add new Property Measurements, click Edit at the left. This will take you to the Edit Property overlay:


At the bottom of the "Measurements" table, click Area Measurement to measure an area or Linear Measurement to measure a single line. If you wanted to get the square footage of a lot, first take an Area Measurement of the house by clicking on the map to create the correct shape. Set the Calculation to "Subtract":


 In order for the system to automatically do the calculation for you, you will attach the same Property Data field to the both the measurement of the structure and the lot. Click OK when finished. Then, take another Area Measurement of the lot with the Calculation set to "Add". You may also want to change the color so you can tell the difference between your measurements. Be sure to select the same Property Data field as on the first measurement:


As you add measurements, the total area will update in the Measurements table:


Once you've made a measurement, you can delete it by clicking the Trash Can icon or copy it using the Paper icon. You might copy a measurement if you measured the driveway to exclude from a lawn maintenance job but wanted to include it for a snow removal job.

To the right of the Measurements table is the list of Pins. You might add a Pin for a large property where the entrance isn't clear or there's a specific entrance your crews need to use. 

If you are servicing a rural property and need to customize the GPS coordinates for a better location, click Coordinates at the left:


 This is also where you can add a photo of the Property. This photo will appear for all Jobs at this Property if you are using the SA Team App to help remind your Crews what they should be looking for. When you are finished making changes, click Save Property.

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