Missing Decimal on Android Keyboard

If you are unable to see a decimal point on the keyboard of your Android device, it's most likely an issue with the default keyboard. To get around this issue, you can download a new keyboard and change the settings so the new keyboard is the default keyboard.

To change the keyboard, use the following steps:

  1. Go to your Play Store 


  2. Download a new key board. The one pictured is the Google Keyboard. It has the ability to swipe text and is free. 

  3. Once you Install, Accept, and download the App, open it.
  4. Select Get started. 

  5. Then you will want to Enable the keyboard. Tap Enable in Settings. 

  6. This is what the settings page will look like. Tap Google Keyboard. 

  7. Then tap Switch input methods. 

  8. Choose English Google Keyboard. 

  9. Tap Finished. 

  10. Go back to the SA Mobile App. This is What the new keyboard looks like AFTER you open the job. The photo is of the Job Item Details page. 



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