Pause a Service on a Client Account

You can Pause any Packages or Recurring Jobs on the Master Job level. You might do this if a Client has a certain time period where they don't need service.
For example, a Client has a weekly cleaning service but will be out of town for a month and would not like cleanings during that time. You can pause their service while they're gone and set it to resume when they get back.

To Pause a Master Job, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to a Client Account
  2. Hover over the top, right corner of a Master Job to reveal the MORE dropdown list.
  3. Select Pause


  4. The Pause Service dialog appears. Enter any relevant information then click Save.


  5. The Job will remain on the Client Account highlighted in red. Hover over the job to display the "Reason" text. 


  6. Job instances during the paused period will not appear on the Dispatch Board. Instead, they will remain on the list of All Upcoming Jobs highlighted in red. 


Note: Even if a Restart Date is entered, you must manually restart a Service or Package.
You can restart or edit a Paused Service at any time through the same MORE dropdown list described in step two.
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