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The Smart Maps map console is available from several locations in SA, including the Dispatch Board, client accounts, client and lead lists, and the Dispatch Calendar. The functions available are different depending on where you bring up the map.

From the Dispatch Board (Scheduling > Dispatch Board (New)), select one or more jobs, then click Show Map from the top of the table:


The map opens in the top half of your screen with the table items still displayed below. Any jobs you select in the table appear on the map as pins 📍 or markers.mceclip0_-_2020-11-12T082534.563.png Click a marker to see contact information about an individual client.

The map console has multiple tabs on this screen:


  • Stop - Displays job information for the selected marker
  • Navigation - Driving directions and GPS tracking
  • Group Selection - Select jobs for routing or assignment by drawing a geographical region
  • Yield Map - Shows jobs displayed by pay rates so you can know where you are making money
  • Go to Company Location - Center the map on your company address

If you forget what the tabs are, just hover over one to reveal the name. 

Stop Tab

Stop displays the selected map marker’s job information and lets you update or dispatch services. There are five fields you can update for the selected services:

  • Move to - Updates the scheduled date for the service(s) if set from the Dispatch Board. This is a required field on the Waiting List.
  • Assign to - Use this dropdown list to assign Resources (teams, employees, and vendors) to the selected service(s).
  • Route Order - An optional field that changes the route order for the selected service(s).
  • All Jobs - This checkbox will include all the services that are checked in the table for the selected client.
  • Permanent - This checkbox makes your changes apply to future instances of the “Assign To” option. Other changes will apply to this occurrence only. For instance, if you change the schedule for a recurring job, the change applies only to the current job.

The button on the bottom of the panel displays Update on the Dispatch Board and in the Close Out Day screen. The changes selected will update the services with only the values you changed for Move to, Assign to, and Route Order. On the Waiting List, a button displays Dispatch. The system will make the changes to the selected services and dispatch the jobs when you update it. 

The bottom of the Stop panel has five buttons for making changes to the map markers:


  • Show Resource Code - This displays the resource code on all the map markers (if services are assigned to a resource with a Resource Code).
  • Show Route Order - This displays the route order of all the services. 
  • Set Route Order - This temporarily sets all service route orders to zero. You can then click to update the route order:
    • Left-click a map marker to decrease the route order.
    • Right-click a map marker to increase the route order.
  • Show Priority/Conflicts  - If you have any jobs with priority or conflicts based on days, they’ll have a different icon when you click this button. The job with the red “up” arrow is a priority job.
  • Show FleetSharp Trackers - If you have the FleetSharp integration, you will see the option to Show FleetSharp Trackers. Trackers will show as a green circle with a white triangle. You can place a checkmark next to a Job on the Dispatch Board list if you want to compare the location of a tracker to a Job's location. You can also use the resource filter on the Dispatch Board to narrow down which trackers are shown.

To undo changes, click the Cancel button below the map. To save changes, click one of three buttons that appear when you set a route order:


Note: Update Every Week and Update Every Other Week are for Recurring and Custom Recurring services. They do not work with Waiting List, One-Time, or Package services.

Stop Tab - Map Markers

When you're on the Stop panel, select a Map Marker to view a summary of the visit:


The color of the marker indicates the assigned resource.
The popup shows client information and the services displayed in the table:

  • The client name is a hyperlink to the client account.
  • The Services list has two icons and a button on the right.
    • The Note icon opens the job dialog and displays the notes for the Service.
    • The Pencil icon will display the job dialog for the Service.
    • The U button stands for update services and only displays on the Dispatch Board and Close-Out Day Screen. It updates all services with the values set in the Stop panel (on Dispatch). On the Waiting List, this button displays as "D" for Dispatch and performs the same as the Stop update/dispatch button in the left panel.
  • The Remove Marker link on the bottom left of the popup removes the marker from the map but will not remove the service(s) from the grid.

Additional fields can be displayed on the Map Marker dialog for custom fields if they are displayed on the grid. They can be added to the grid by going to the Columns popup on the top right of the Services grid.    

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