About the Timeline

Each Client and Lead has a Timeline that records a wealth of information about that Account. This article will refer to the Client Timeline but the functionality is the same for Leads. The Timeline will be towards the middle of the Account:


The Timeline is a history of contact with Clients. From the Timeline view, you will see all contact in reverse chronological order (most recent first). On the right side of the timeline you can easily add a Note, To Do, Call, or Touchpoint:


The Timeline organizes contact into Calls, To Do List, Touchpoints, Emails, Notes, Forms, and for Pro Plus Members, Automations. You can use these tabs as filters if you only want to view one type of contact.

Emails and Automations in the Timeline will display their status (Sent, Opened, Link Clicked, etc). Hover over an Email Status icon to display what the icon mean:


If you click on a Call, To Do, Touchpoint, or Form Response from the Timeline, it will open the corresponding overlay. Clicking on any Automation event will open the Automation Pipeline in a new tab. 

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