Dispatch Board Map Console - Navigation Tab

The Navigation tab in the Dispatch Board Map Console contains two sections: Driving Directions and GPS Tracking:


Driving Directions

You can get driving directions for any services within the table. Select a resource and click Go. Directions are generated for the route order if every service for the selected resource is also selected in the table. If the services have no route order, SA will try to optimize the route before it shows the driving directions. You can generate directions for a maximum of 24 unique devices per request.

Click any of the additional options under the Driving Directions:

  • Toggle Jobs hides the map markers from the console temporarily to help with viewing the direction markers.
  • Print Directions opens the Print Preview dialog, where you can print the directions.
  • Clear hides the driving directions, direction markers, and routes drawn on the map.

GPS Tracking

Use GPS Tracking to display GPS points on the map for a selected resource on a specific date. If you have either the SA Team app or Service Autopilot Mobile App, you must enable GPS Tracking for the resource who will be using the app.

  • The Date input field is used to select the date to view for GPS data.
  • The Resource dropdown list contains employees and vendors, but not teams since teams cannot log in as a group. The Resource who logs the team in, however, can be tracked.
  • The Show Stops checkbox displays the services on the map for the resource.
  • The Show Route checkbox displays the GPS points on the map after you click Apply.

Enable GPS Tracking

  1. Go to Team > Employees or Team > Vendors.
  2. In the Employee or Vendor list, click the name of the Resource you would like to modify.
  3. Click Edit next to the Resource’s name.
  4. Click the Mobile Settings tab.
  5. At the bottom, select an option for GPS Tracking. Choose anything other than “Off” to enable the Resource’s device so it can record GPS data after logging in.
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