Dispatch Board Map Console - Group Selection Tab

The Group Selection tool on the Dispatch Board Map Console allows you to select jobs by drawing a shape around a geographic location:


To draw the shape, right-click with your mouse to form the points of the shape on the map. Click the first point to close the shape. 


Once an area is drawn, the top half of the left panel will display the budgeted hours, number of services, and total revenue for all services in the selected area. 

  • The Update button appears on the Dispatch Board and Close Out Day mode. The Dispatch button is available only on the Waiting List.
  • The Group Settings section contains a dropdown list for Marker Display, which contains two options:
    • The Show only selected option removes any markers/deselects Services that aren't within the drawn area, and displays markers/selects Services within the area. 
    • The Show all markers option does not remove any markers from the Map. It will only select the services on the grid that are within the area. 
  • The Filter Checked Jobs button (below the Marker Display list) removes all jobs that do not fall within the drawn area from the map and the grid. 

To undo your changes to the map display with the Group Selection tool, refresh the page or click the Refresh button on the Dispatch Board. This will re-add any services that you previously removed from the map.

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