Invoice List - Filters

On the Invoice List (Accounting > Invoices) there are a number of different filters you can apply to help you find the Invoices you need to see:


The Invoice Numbers filter will open a text box. Type a single Invoice Number, multiple Invoice numbers separated by commas, or a range of numbers:


Press Enter on your keyboard to apply the filter. Please note that if your Invoice numbers contain letters or symbols, the filter will not search for these characters.

The Date filter will open two date fields:


You can type dates into each box or click the calendar icon to open the calendar selection. Click Apply when finished. This filter is helpful if you need to see any Invoices outside of the last 30 days. 

The Address filter will actually open three different text fields - one each for [street] address, city, and postal code. Use the Client filter to search for a full or partial Client name. The Payment Method filter will open a selection list where you can select cash, check, or credit card:


You can use the Invoice Frequency filter to search for Invoices based on when they were generated. The Status filter will open a list of Invoice statuses you can search for:


Use the Line Item filter to search Invoices by Invoice Description. This is an open text field so be sure you are searching for text exactly as it appears on Invoices. For the Invoice Balance, filter you will need to select an operator before you can apply the filter:


The CC on File filter will search for Invoices of Clients who have a credit card on file. The Account Type filter will allow you to search for commercial or residential accounts. Use the Tags filter to search for any accounts with one or more Tags. 

Cash Discount is only available to members with the Empower True Cash Discount program through Clearent. This will allow you to filter for Invoices that have a True Cash Discount applied.

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