Dispatch Board Map Console - Yield Map Tab

The Yield Map tab on the Dispatch Board Map Console (Scheduling > Dispatch Board (New) > Show Map) shows your pinned jobs in different colors based on budgeted hours. You can see how many jobs you have scheduled at various rates of pay, letting you see where your money is in any given neighborhood on any day.

The map marker colors are set from the bottom of the left panel and vary based on either:

  • The dollar amount for the job:


  • The budgeted hours:


You can change the designation between Amount and Dollars using the Distribution by radio dial:

Radio Dial.jpg

Click a marker on the map to see the details for that job. To add a job to the yield calculator, click Add Service:


This lets you build the route with the most revenue, targeting the most profitable or least profitable neighborhoods or streets. As you add jobs to the left panel, the bottom totals will update with Total Dollars, Budgeted Hours, and Dollars per Man Hour.

In the map below, Stop 8 on the left is the job with the highest price tag, and Stops 4 and 7, in orange, appear to be more profitable than the remaining red jobs.


View those jobs by budgeted hours, however, and you see that the job with the highest budgeted hours is Stop 7, and all other jobs are in the lowest budgeted hours bracket. So, Stop 8 is your most profitable job, paying the most with less budgeted time.

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