Routing - Overview

Routing allows you to place jobs in order by Team or resource. It's a great tool that helps make drive time more efficient.

  1. Go to Scheduling > Dispatch Jobs.
  2. Hover over Actions and locate the Routing column.


You have four options to choose from. 

  • Manual - This option allows you to drag and drop jobs into the order in which you would like to perform them. 
  • Group Stops - "As the crow flies" routing. This option will order jobs by distance, traveling in a straight line. It does not take into consideration things like lakes and mountains, housing complexes, or road systems. 
  • Optimize Stops - Very similar to how Group Stops works, this option will place jobs in order by distance but will take into consideration roads, natural barriers, and the best route from A to B. There are two ways you can optimize your route, Track Road and Google.
    • Google- Comes with the Smart Maps subscription. You can route as many times as you want but are limited to 23 stops per resource. For example, a crew with 30 jobs per day couldn't be routed through Google, but a crew with 20 stops could.
    • Track Road- You purchase routing credits. Each credit is good for one Team's route, and you can route up to 100 stops per resource.
    • To purchase either of these, hover over your avatar and select "Account & Billing". On the new screen, you will see the two Optimization options.


      Note: Both Optimized routing options look at the number of jobs assigned to the resource when determining if under the limit of stops. Even if you only select 5 jobs on the Dispatch Board to route, it will still route based on the amount assigned and not what you have selected.

  • Master Route - This option allows you to place all of your accounts on a route template. This is typically only used for On Demand (Snow) jobs.

After you've selected your routing option, a yellow bar appears prompting you to save the route's order. It gives you three options based on your preferences.


  • Update Today's Route Only - Updates the route only for the current day being routed.
  • Update Every Week - Updates those jobs every single week if they are Recurring Jobs, useful for weekly schedules. 
  • Update Every Other Week - Updates the jobs every other week, useful for bi-weekly schedules.

In addition to these routing options, you can also route from the Dispatch Board map.

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