Add Attachments to Job from Office Notes

You can attach files to Jobs from the office to be viewed on the SA Mobile App. Attached files can be images (.jpg, .png), PDFs, or Word files (.doc, .docx). Mobile technicians will be able to see the images or previews of other files. 

If Attachments are added to the Master Job, they can be viewed on all Job instances. You can also add Attachments to a single Job instance. If that is a Recurring Job, Mobile Users will only see the Attachments on the date added. 

Add Attachments to a Master Job

  1. Navigate to a Master Job record.
  2. Go to the "Attachments" tab.
  3. Click Upload then select the image to attach. 

  4. Once the image is selected, click the X to close the Attachment dialog. 

  5. Click Save.


 Add Attachments to a Job Instance

  1. Go to Scheduling > Dispatch Jobs.
  2. Click on the Service of the Job you would like to add Attachments to.
  3. On the Edit Job overlay, click the "Attachments" link.
  4. Click Add Attachment

  5. Use the Upload Attachment dialog to upload all needed files from your computer. Click the "x" to close the dialog. 

  6. Click Save.


View Attachments on the SA Mobile App

Mobile users will be able to see job attachments in the SA Mobile App by tapping a Job and then the Camera icon. 


Tap View Attachments.


 Tap the attachment to view.

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