Merge Client Accounts

Service Autopilot allows you to merge Client Records by designating one as the primary account, then adding the information from other accounts to the primary account. 

Warning: This is a permanent change and cannot be undone.

All transactions and Job details from the secondary account will merge, but the contact details will not be combined. Be sure to select the most robust account as your primary account.

Attention Quickbooks users: If you sync with QuickBooks DO NOT Merge Clients in QB or SA. Any duplicate accounts will need to be deactivated. Please contact Quickbooks Sync Support at Service Autopilot for additional assistance.

If you enter very similar records into SA, the system will prompt you with a message:


If you click Continue duplicates can still make it into the system. To Merge Clients, follow these steps:

  1. Go to CRM > Clients
  2. Check the check boxes next to Clients you want to merge.
  3. Actions. 
  4. Click Merge Clients.
  5. A dialog appears to select the Primary Account. Select the Primary Account.

  6. Click Merge Clients



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