Export the Client List

You can export lists from many places within Service Autopilot, such as the Dispatch Board, Invoices screen, and Payments list. If you do not see the "Export" option available, you may need to enable it in User Roles and Rights. 

To export your Client List, follow these steps:

  1. Go to CRM > Clients.  
  2. Hover over Actions.
  3. Select "Export Clients". 

  4. A message appears directing you to your My Day Page. 

  5. The export should appear immediately on your My Day Page under Recent Exports

  6. When the Status is "completed", click the name of the export to download it.


Once the download is complete you can open the file in any program that can open .xls files such as Excel or Numbers.

Any time you export a list, it will appear on the My Day Page for any user with the same User Role as the person who did the export. You can delete Exports by clicking the red "x" at the right.


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