Add Tips to Invoices

Particularly in the cleaning industry, Clients often overpay on Invoices to leave a tip. In Service Autopilot, you can modify an Invoice to account for tips and set up Expenses to track tips. 


  1. Create a Service called Tips.
  2. A payment is received with an amount exceeding the original invoice amount. In this case, there will be a surplus after the payment has been allocated to the original invoice in SA.
  3. Apply payment and surplus toward the original invoice.

Applying Payments with Surplus (Tip) to Invoices

  1. Create a Service under: Settings > Services
  • Service: Tips
  • Sales Tax Code: Non
  • Service Mode: Flat Rate
  • Open an Invoice under: Accounting > Invoices
  • Add a Line Item: Tip
    • Enter surplus payment amount
  • Go to Add Payment and allocate remaining payment to the invoice
  • Go to Expenses and do the following:
    • Enter an Expense for the tip amount
    • Enter Date of payment
    • OPTIONAL: Select Tip as Category
    • OPTIONAL: Enter Notes (for example, this expense is entered to offset the Tip)
    • Select a Client
    • DO NOT SELECT: Bill Expense to Client
    • DO NOT SELECT: Product
    • DO NOT SELECT: Amount Includes Sales Tax
    Note: For concise accounting, entering this expense will offset the Tip amount when printing the Profit and Loss Report.


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