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On this page you will find a selection of How-To videos. These go beyond the information covered in our On Demand classes.

Scroll down on this list to find videos on the main sections of Service Autopilot: Home, CRM, Scheduling, Accounting and the Mobile App.

Note that Service Autopilot is frequently updated, so the appearance of the screen in the video might be slightly different from what you see on your screen, but the concepts are the same.

Pro Tip: Press Control - F on your keyboard to search this page for videos by keyword.




New User Role


Client Portal


Embed Legacy Forms on Website


New Navigation Bar and Settings


My Account Page


Resetting Passwords




Email Links and Unsubscribe


Email Marketing


Document Editor


Email Categories and Unsubscribe


Marketing Campaigns




Master and Sub Properties


Custom Fields


Seven Tips for Email Marketing




Renew Master Schedules


Create Master Packages


Renew Master Packages


Multi-Day Jobs


Route Sheets and Work Order Formats


Bulk Schedule Jobs


Update Client's GPS Coordinates


Inactivate Resource and Reassign Jobs


Master Routes


Dispatch from the Waiting List


Set up a Mobile Only User




Custom Invoice Emails


Account Balance


Credit Card Update Form


Delete Invoices


Purchase Orders


Refunds Non-QBO




Payroll and Timesheets


Tips for Past Due Invoices


Mobile App


Mobile App-Bulk Clock In


Mobile App-Update Custom Fields


Mobile App-Update GPS Coordinates


Mobile App-Charge Credit Cards


Team App




Job Date Wait Period


Message Center

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