The SA Marketplace

The Marketplace is a platform for content distribution. You'll find content, such as Documents, Forms, and Automations, that have been posted by SA or our Certified Advisors. All you have to do is download the item then you can begin customizing it or using it right away in your SA account. 

Before you can access the Marketplace, you will need to make sure your User Roles & Rights allow you that access. See this article for more information about the rights you will need to enable. 

Once you have enabled your User Roles & RIghts, hover over your Avatar icon inn the top-right corner of SA. You should see the Marketplace option:


Select Marketplace. You will be redirected to the Marketplace homepage:


Items on this page will show in reverse chronological order by date added. The most recent items will be at the top. You can browse by page or search for what you need by type (such as "forms") or by name (if you know it).

Note: If you do not have a Pro Plus subscription, you will not see content that includes Automations in the Marketplace.

Click the View button for any item to see additional details:


This page will give you more information about the selected content or what is contained in the bundle. The Cloud icon indicates how many people have downloaded the item. The Heart icon tells you how many people have "liked" an item. If you would like to download an item, click the green button.

The item in the screenshot above is free. If you click the green button on a free item, it will display a message that says "Your download will be ready shortly." You can view the item wherever it may live in SA. It will be preceded by some type of prefix to indicate it was downloaded from the Marketplace. For example, anything from the Launch Bundle has a prefix of "LB". 

Some items in the Marketplace may require a download code because it's exclusive to Members who are clients of one of our Certified Advisors. These items are clearly labeled so it's easy to tell if they require a code or fee. 

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